Sunday, June 05, 2005


I visited Bitchitude and found this rant. She had links to where it started at DB's blog. DB says that if you'll leave a comment and let him know, he'll add your list to everyone else's. This Pissed Off List is quite impressive already and promises to keep growing. So like a good little blogger, I'm adding my gripes and encouraging everyone to add theirs.


1. 20 and 30 year old somethings who don't go to school but won't get a job and leave home. Mommy and Daddy raised you. The free ride is over. It's your turn to punch a time clock and pay taxes. The party is over and last call was yesterday. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO TO WORK ALREADY. This includes my 30 year old son.

2. People who stay in abusive relationships. It's not your fault except for the fact that you're still there. Stop being a door mat, call the law, and go to protective services. Living alone IS NOT the worst thing that can happen to you. Getting maimed and killed by your lover is.

3. The Moral Majority telling me what to believe, to read, who to fuck, how I got here, and any thing else. I will believe what I want, have sex how, where and with whom I please and read any damn book I choose. This is still a free country. So far anyway.

4. People judging everyone else by body mass, money, and age. I'm not too old to do anything IF it's what I do. That chubby person may not be lazy, she might have PCOS. And that guy in the 'vet is in debt to his eyeballs while the one in the work shirt and faded jeans has a bank account that will knock your socks (and your panties) off.

5. If you tell me you'll do something, do it!!! I'm tired of making plans and people not showing up or calling with some excuse. Let me know so I can do something else. And if you're in some form of public service ....... if I have an appointment, I expect to see you at a reasonable time NOT 4 hours later unless you're a Dr. who had to go to emergency.

6. Don't lie to me. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear. Don't try to con me. Don't ask for more than you would be willing to do for me.

OK, I'm going to get really pissed off if I continue and I'm at work. These guys are trapped in here with me for 12 hours and I'd hate to go bat-shit crazy on them!! Add your list and vent a little yourself.

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