Thursday, June 02, 2005


Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day, I know that I did!

I went to Point Mallard Park in Decatur for their annual Alabama Jubilee where they had hot air balloons, an antique car show (some of my buddies from work had cars entered), a craft fair, rides for the kids and live entertainment. I even had a charcoal sketch made of myself. The artist made me look even better than I do in real life!!

I spent the rest of the time making rounds of friends' homes where I ate entirely too much, drank more than usual, lost badly playing cards, hit the holiday sales (spending too much money) and all in all having a great time.

Tomorrow I go back to the slave factory. All these days off spoil a person. Wish I could afford to retire and be on vacation all the time. Oh well, someone has to go out and keep the economy alive!

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