Friday, June 03, 2005


The past 12 months have been very eventful.

My Mom died and we girls had to make the call to discontinue life support. I had major surgery a week later (believe me I was really uneasy about getting "knocked out"). A little latter I got used, abused and dumped (aka, he just stopped calling after standing me up) by a 380 pound Blob of a boyfriend. Then I was stupid enough to believe him and all his lies about being sorry and what a mistake he'd made by losing me and take him back after he begged for months. Suddenly my Dad died with no warning and no written will. In no time at all I got dumped (stood up with no warning, AGAIN) by the Blob. Notice the weird way the Blob disappears whenever there's a crisis?

Now my four sisters are in the middle of a feud over who gets what and whither we should sell the family home and divide the money or try to divvy up the land. Baby Sis is supposed to get the home place, but it's looking iffy on that. Most of them want the money and everyone's at each other's throats. I'm so tired of ......
"She said" and
"It's not fair" and
"I want" and
"Daddy said" and
"I'll never speak to her again" and
"But she got" and
"She lied" and
"You're dead to me if you sell" and
"You're no longer my sister" and
"All my sisters were always were mean to me" and
"I'm not getting screwed over AGAIN"
And on and on and on.

Stop the world, I want to get off!!! I've stopped sleeping at night because of bad dreams where my sisters actually cause physical harm to each other. I'm afraid to say anything to any one because it always starts WW3. My family has fallen apart and I'm truly an orphan. I daydream about moving away where I don't know anyone until everything settles down and relatives don't fight any more than normal.

If this was a movie it would be one of those "National Lampoon" movies with Chevy Chase, except we're all female.

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