Sunday, July 02, 2006


Donna and I spent Saturday watching the Stihl TimberSports event. The show was wonderful with a standing room only crowd; big brawny men from all over the world wielding chain saws, huge hand saws and shiny axes while young women with bulging leg muscles ran across free-floating logs that bobbed and rolled underfoot. I tended to cheer for the young pretty boys (hey, eye candy!) while Donna was rooting for a short, hard-bodied, older, bald guy. I hate to admit it, but her guy did better in the events. I guess those young thin fellers didn't have enough lead in their britches but they sure were easy on the eyes.

One event was called the "Hot Saw" event. The chain saws had been modified to use dirt bike motors and cut through the logs like they were made of butter. When they were cranked the noise was unbelievable and you could hear all the men in the crowd go "OOOOOO"! I can just see some of those Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor wanta-be Rednecks going home and trying to build a hot saw of their very own. Hope the fools don't cut off something they might need some day.

We almost got heat stroke! The temps were pushing 100 and there wasn't a bit of shade in the stands. I had a hard time concentrating on my male ogling because the tickle of big fat drops of sweat (I swear they felt like they were the size of acorns) slowly cruising down the Grand Canyon between my butt cheeks kept distracting me. That and the sweat dripping in my eyes blurred my less than perfect vision. Oh, excuse me, I forgot; women don't sweat, they perspire.

All in all, it was a good day. Good-looking men, good company, nobody fussing or fighting. It's hard to get Donna out; she's a homebody and always comes up with an excuse not to go when invited. Maybe this is the start of something new for her.

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