Monday, July 10, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've spent all weekend trying to whip the yard into shape. I've mowed and trimmed and used a pole saw (See the picture at the right if you're lucky enough to have not ever heard of a pole saw). I didn't get all my trees trimmed, but I've got big blisters on the palms of both hands and a huge brush pile started, so I quit for now. I love my trees, but it gets to be a hassle keeping them trimmed and all the windfalls picked up.

I did manage to slip away long enough yesterday to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 2-Dead Man's Chest. I know he's a little freaky, but Johnny Depp just does something for me! Not only is he a good-old boy from Kentucky,he made all the girls hearts throb in the role of undercover cop Tommy Hanson in the popular TV series "21 Jump Street" (1987) and has kicked ass in a wide variety of parts every since.
Johnny can come play with my chest anytime!

Hope all y'all had a good weekend!

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