Sunday, July 23, 2006

SO TELL ME.......

OK, you've heard me bitch about trying to diet. Now it's y'alls turn to help out a fellow blogger in her war against jiggling thighs, bubble butt and high blood sugar. Stu Savory has already given his hints for losing weight and now it's your turn.

Tell me your favorite recipe suitable for cutting back on fats and/or calories . Anything suited to summertime and hot weather is a plus. I know lots of y'all are excellent cooks and I want the benefit of your wisdom and experience. Use the comments, post on your site and tell me about it or shoot me an email. Who knows, we might even get enough to write our own cookbook!!

Fess up and help a gal out.

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cyberoutlaw said...

Okay, for breakfast, I'd have two boiled eggs, rice cakes with part-skim mozzarella melted on top, (or a bowl of shredded wheat) half of an orange and a glass of skim milk.