Monday, July 10, 2006


There's a website called "Virtual Model" where you can make a clone of yourself FOR FREE. The left is me now, and the right is me if I manage to lose the weight that I want by the end of the year. I'm taking it slow, I'd love to be even smaller but that's a drop of 50 pounds and I'm being realistic here.

Sometimes it helps to see yourself from a different perspective. I know that when I look in a mirror I tend to focus on what I perceive as my flaws. With this model it's easier to see yourself as others do. I don't search for wrinkles or cellulite or grey hair when I look at my model. And the before and after picture (use the link, it has a weight loss model) helps you be realistic about what you should weigh. If you type in a too-small number you turn into a stick woman.

Just though y'all might want to go and play with the models. You get to dress them different, too.

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