Thursday, July 20, 2006


It’s been hotter'n hell here in 'Bama with the temps in the 100's but that hasn't kept me inside hibernating under the A/C, I've been burning up the roads today.

First I visited Young and Healthy Skin to have a few stray hairs removed via laser. This was the first time I've ever visited any kind of skin care clinic and I didn't know what to expect. Having a laser burn off body parts sounded painful but I was pleasantly surprised when the whole experience was so relaxing. I lay on a vibrating massage table wearing goggles while the technician zapped the errant fuzz. It didn’t hurt (thank goodness) but felt like someone snapping me with a rubber band. Getting my tattoo hurt tons more! The worst part was the stink of burning hair and not being able to see what was going on. Wearing those goggles was like wearing a blindfold for my execution. Afterward, I was a little pink but it was gone in a few hours. I may have to check out some of their other services; I need all the help I can get now-a-days.

Then I went with Karen to get her mammogram. No one likes having their titties squished in that torture device but it's a necessary evil. Men are so lucky not to have to endure anything that. Guys, imagine having your dangly bits put in a vice with a sadistic wench turning the screw!

Then it's on to traffic court with Karen to hold her hand while we see about paying her very first ticket. 50 years old, she's got her very first ticket and her maiden visit to court. She was a nervous wreck! You would have thought she was going to her own execution by the way she acted, but all she got was traffic school at a cost $100 and nothing showing on her driving record. At least her auto insurance won't go up.

Now I'm gonna kick back and take it easy. It's back to work tomorrow night and I want to enjoy my last night of freedom. I haven't been on line much, for some reason my 'puter has been really slow and locking up. I'll visit y'all tomorrow from work where I have high speed access on the company time.

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