Sunday, October 09, 2005


Last night my date took me to my first cornfield maze and we had a blast! Here's a bird's eye view of it. It's like an outdoor haunted house but even better.

Neat, huh! It was 14 acres big and believe me, you'll do a lot of walking to make your way through. I was starting to think we'd be lost in there forever, it was totally dark (it doesn't open until dusk), the paths looped and twisted and doubled back until you got totally turned around. The corn was way too tall to see over and smoke machines created a fog that you had to feel your way through, but you could hear the screams of others echoing all around you.

There were guys with chainsaws and spooks galore. In fact, two of them followed me around until I threatened to take them home with me. They had houses set up across the paths filled with strobe lights that blinded you so you couldn't see what was going to grab you and you had to make your way through in order to get out. Even though you knew it was fake, you couldn't help but jump and scream when you got grabbed or ran face to face with a character from a horror movie.

We passed several corn mazes that were locally make, but this one was created by a company that specializes in them and does a fine job of it. I'm not sure how they manage, I guess they use GPS or something. Here's the web site for the company that makes the mazes. They do them all over the country. If you get a chance, I highly recommend that you go and get scared yourself!