Sunday, October 16, 2005


I've been a lazy but happy woman today. Sweet Thang and I work up early (6:30 AM !!) and couldn't go back to sleep. So we got up and made a pot of coffee and a potato frittata. Then we lay on the couch and watched Off The Map starring Sam Elliot, Joan Allen and Valentina de Angelis as Bo (the little girl whom the story is centered around).

I can't help it, Sam may be getting old but he still cranks my tractor!! It's that gravelly voice or something. I'll watch him in anything! Thank God his movies are usually good to very good to great. Remember Conagher (with it's love notes tied to a tumble weed), Road House, and Fatal Beauty?. Maybe I just have a thing for bad boys and cowboys, who knows?

Off The Map won:

OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2004 Palm Springs Film Festival, OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2003 Sundance Film festival,
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2003 Starz Denver Film Festival,
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2003 Chicago Film Festival,
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2004 Seattle Film Festival,
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2005 Deep Focus Film Fest.

The movie is one of those sweet movies that has no action, but lots of emotion. The family is a bunch of misfits who live in the New Mexico desert with no phone, no electricity or plumbing and either hunt or make or find what they need in the dump. It involves the IRS, an artist, love, depression and a little girl's wish to live a normal life. Plus Sam in the nude! Plus some beautiful desert scenery.

After the movie, we went back to bed for some afternoon delight and a nap. Now that's what I call a Sunday!

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