Saturday, October 29, 2005


Dang, I must be living right or something! I recently got mentioned at both Kill The Goat and Lollygagging!! Then I got to checking my Technorati links and see that a few days ago The Body Electric mentioned my name.

I feel like the school geek who the cool kids actually acknowledged. I'm so proud (blush).

BUT!!! Does this mean that I gotta start posting good stuff all the time? I'm not sure I can live up to these fine women's standards! I'm going to chew on a pencil and try to think of something interesting to blog about.

Meanwhile, y'all go and read some of the three ladies scribblings. Each is different in age, location, outlook, and blogging interests/styles. I highly recommend them all.


Mary Godwin said...

You are joy, Junebugg. I've been buried in mid-term demands at school: papers to write, papers to grade, and too many reasons to "party." When I finally look up for a bit of breath, there you are to made me a happy day. Thanks for the mention. Oh, and btw... cool is WDWN! Don't change a thing. -mg

Junebugg said...

TY,TY, TY! Careful now. If you brag on me too much my head will swell up. I've already got big boobs and butt, the swollen head thing would be too much!