Wednesday, October 05, 2005


This little gem came straight from Mary Godwin at Body Electric who describes herself as "a Woman of Age and Adventure tackling graduate studies at Purdue University". Thanks for the tip, Mary

Tilda” is that wavy line (~) found in the neighborhood of the top-left of your keyboard and accessed with the shift-key held down. Yep, there it is! Well, Tilda is doing nifty things in a Google search to get more results out of a word than Google would return without it. Use “tilda” directly before a search word, and Google will return results for the word synonyms of the word as well – in this way searching something closer to concepts rather than specific/exact word. (For example, searcing ~pen returns pencils, graphite, and sketch.)

I never did know what that wavy thingy was called and I had no idea it was good for anything. This'll save a lot of time doing searches. Man, I learn something every day! Thank goodness I have such bright blogbuddies.

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