Thursday, October 27, 2005


Rufus the cat escaped out the door and the dogs promptly ran him up a tree. Being an indoor cat, he couldn't figure out how to get back down on his own.

Of course the lowest limb was 12' or better off the ground and the only ladder I own is 6'! So there I am, on the top rung of the ladder, trying to coax him into climbing down low enough for me to rescue him. But he was too stupid to come down backwards. He'd start down head first, start sliding and jump back onto the unreachable limb.

I'm so glad no one was around! There I was, on top of the ladder, alternately trying to sweet talk the cat down and cursing the dogs who kept circling the ladder, almost knocking it (and me) over.

I know I looked like a schizophrenic woman babbling to a tree, because you had to be directly under it to see the cat! I can see it now, "Look at the crazy woman yelling at the tree! She can't decide whither to cuss it or kiss it. Quick! Call the guys in the white coats to come and get her before she comes after us!"

I stayed up there for at least 30 minutes before Chane came home and helped to rescue STUPID KITTY. We wound up sitting the ladder on top of a bench (Kids, don't try this at home!). Then I held the ladder while Chane did a balancing act on top of it. NOT SAFE!

Finally, Chane managed to grab Rufus, who immediately jumped safely to the ground. I sure wish he had done that to start with! The dogs jumped on him and we has to rescue him from them and take him into the house before he became dog dinner.

But nooo, he hasn't learned his lesson. He's sitting in the window right now, growling at squirrels and trying to slip outside every time the door opens. Next time I'm leaving him up the tree and he can come down and brave the dogs on his own!

The things we do for our pets and our kids!!

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