Sunday, October 16, 2005


Rufus the cat is highly pissed at me right now. This ain't his pic, but it sure looks like him at this moment!

He has the habit of pulling his hair out (to the point of bald spots!) if he gets so much as one single flea on him. So you know that he slipped outside and picked up a few of the pesky critters!

I have to lock myself in the bathroom to spray him and it's a battle, let me tell you! I take my life in my hands every time I attempt to "deflea" that stupid cat!

Afterward, I left him in the bathroom to dry off so I don't have flea spray all over the furniture. Now he's bodyslamming the door and talking really loud. I don't speak cat, but I swear he's using vulgar language and calling me nasty names! I keep seeing his furry little arm snaking through the space under the door and reaching with claws extended judt hoping to draw blood! I swear it looks like something out of a horror movie.

I'm fixing to get brave enough to let him out. Let's hope he doesn't attack me and exact revenge for his "abuse"! Wish me luck.


Pisser said...

Oh, me love da kitties...even when they are ferocious!

I'd try Advantage...I still wash mine though because they get dander-y...

Michele in Michigan said...


That is the FREAKIEST picture EVER!