Saturday, December 17, 2005


Check out the British Christmas blog Tis The Season written by, and I quote:

Sisters Meg and Anna (not in the nun sense of the word) (they're actually related) (and aren't nuns) and Brothers Cliff and Jonny (Not related, just franciscan monks)(not really). End quote.

These are folks from across the big pond and I get a kick out of the difference between their habits/celebrations/language/humor and ours.

Here's an example of their stuff that I stole borrowed.

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus(and other traumatic childhood incidents)

I saw Daddy fiddling with an elf
I saw the dog dry-humping the Virgin Mary
I saw Grandma pinching an angel's bum
I heard that Rudolf was a crap shag
I walked in on my cousin and a shepherd in the sack
I saw my uncle George playing with his horn
I saw grandad giving the turkey a right good stuffing
I heard something on the roof, I swear I did will you go and look
I saw Grandma playing with Santa's sack
I saw Eddie from next door coming down my friend's chimney
I saw Aunt Grace grappling with Daddy's package
I joined in as my brothers roasted the bird
I saw the Queen's peaches

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