Friday, December 09, 2005


Excuse me while I catch my breath and sit down for a minute. I'm plumb giddy and light in the head! I don't think I've ever had a man do this to me before!(imagine "Like a Virgin" playing in the background).

DB has lei'd me all the way from Hawaii (I hope it was as good for him as it was for me!). Well, OK. He lei'd three of us gals {me, 3T, and Chris) . It seems that DB is quite the stud, which makes B'Tude one lucky woman!

Even better, I'm special, but of course you already knew that. Quote:

"The traveling lei will be sent to JuneBugg this time so she can hold her own contest for the next winner."

Yep folks, I get to have my very own contest. See, here are DB's rules.

1. At the end of my contest, I will ship both leis` to one lucky winner.
2. One you will get to keep, the other you will ship to the next lucky winner along with a small gift from your own state or country.
3. You must attach a creative tag to the "traveling lei", such as "Aloha from Hawaii", or "Howdy from Texas", etc., and your blog address. The tag should be no larger that the size of an airline baggage tag or Xmas tag so we can get lots of them on there.
4. When you receive the lei, you must post a picture of yourself wearing it and holding a sign that says "I got lei'd by DB in Hawaii" (or whomever you got the lei from). Also post a link back to me and the person you got the lei from so we can keep track of our Aloha, as well as these rules personalized to your own site.
5. Then create your own contest for the next winner, but the
rules for the traveling lei will remain the same. The contest should run for no shorter than a week and no longer than two weeks.

So expect to see a pic of me getting lei'd (OOOO, pornography!!) and some kinda contest where you, too, can get lei'd plus recieve something from the Deep South otherwise known as Alabama.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go smoke and just enjoy the afterglow. It's not everyday that I get lei'd.

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