Sunday, December 25, 2005


The whole family spent Christmas Eve at the home place, our first one without out parents. It was bittersweet but I guess it's the start of a new tradition. Donna wrote about it better than I ever could. But I've learned one thing, if you've got family everything else will fall into place.

The handsome feller on the left is my grandson.

This is the first public view of my new tattoo celebrating my 50th birthday. I promise I'll post a better picture later.

This is Sweet Thang. Happy looking, isn't he? Of course, he's got me for a girlfriend so why shouldn't he be happy!

Me and my 4 sisters. From the left, bottom row: Teresa, Lana, and me.Top row: Tina and Donna

Every got lots of neat stuff and we all had a great time. Hope y'all had a great Christmas yourselves.

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