Thursday, December 08, 2005


"SSSSHHHH! Do you see anyone around?" she says, apprehensively twisting her head from side to side like a spastic chicken watching a tennis match, eyes darting every which-a-way. "Come closer so I can whisper in your ear. Don't tell anyone or they might change the schedule before I can get out of there Friday evening. There's a rumor that I might actually get Saturday and Sunday off."

That’s a whole 48 hours without having to drag out of bed at 3:30 AM, stagger out into freezing weather and drive 20 something miles while only half awake with only one eye open. I saw on Discovery Health Channel how sleep deprivation was as dangerous as drunk driving. So y'all be glad that you didn't meet me on the road, I was definitely punch drunk for lack of sleep.

No buzzers crying "Something’s wrong". No having to try to translate static filled radio transmissions and hoping that you started the right pump/motor and that no one had their fingers in it. No worries about explosions or leaks or power demand or electrical outages.

I might even get a Christmas tree up. I would love to invite Sweet Thang, the grandson and a few friends over and have a Tree Trimming. Not only would I get to see folks that I've missed but I get help plus someone else to blame if the tree is warped or all the decorations wind up on one side.

I also need/want to talk to Santa Clause. I'm running late this year and gotta get on the ball with my present buying. With all this overtime, I've got money to buy really nice gifts for everyone and no time to shop.

I'm even having problems doing any on-line shopping, I fall asleep right after I walk in the door. I even had to ask someone else to go to the bank and deposit my paycheck from 3 weeks ago because I ran out of drink machine change and the bank closes hours before I get off and I don't have an ATM card. (Breath Bugg, that sentence is too long and rambling) The story of my life, either too much, too little, too early, or too late!

This will probably be the only days I have off until after Christmas. The talk is I might have to work until after New Years. So I’ve got 2 days to HO HO HO and GO GO GO.

If y'all are in my neighborhood this weekend, drop by. We'll drink some eggnog with a dash of cheer added in and I'll even let you play with my Christmas balls.

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