Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I finally got that hair cut I've been needing wanting. It's not exactly what I asked for, but it's not too bad. Of course it'll never look this way again, she styled all the curl out it and I'm a wash and go gal myself. A little make-up probably would have helped, too.

Tonight I go with sister Teresa and her family to look at the Christmas lights. This is an annual thing and we know where all the super-duper tacky light displays are. There's something about Christmas lights that bring out the kid in us. We all ride around and go "OOOOO, pretty!" as we crane our necks and point out the festive houses to each other. What can I say, we're easily entertained. Hope y'all have a good night, I plan to.

Later the same night.........

We found Santa and Drennon (my grandson) had to get his picture taken. Try as we might, all we could get out of him was the fake, shit-eating grin. I know the boy can smile, I've seen it!!

Gotta go to bed now, up at 3:30 and back to work.

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