Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here I am modeling the lovely leis that DB sent me from Hawaii. The black and red lei is the Aloha traveling lei that YOU CAN WIN when I have my contest, slated to start on NEW YEAR'S DAY.

The way DB put it was "The idea is that we want to send this Aloha lei all around the world if we can. Eventually it should have tags from everywhere its been. I will keep track of the leis’ progress so we always know where it is. Simple enough?" Sounds good, doesn't it?

Notice the wind-blown hair (damn I need a hair cut) and the puffy face from lack of sleep. Not the best picture, but I just came home from work. Also note that my son, Chane, took the picture tilted to one side. Must be genetic, I'm a little warped myself.

Thanks to DB and B'Tude for coming up with this wonderful idea. Everyone come back and enter my version of "HOW TO GET LEI'D" 'Bama style. I'll even let you know what my question will be so you can be thinking of your answer. This being Christmas I thought the perfect contest would be:

"What is the strangest/most unusual/most unique gift you've ever received?"

Remember people, YOU TOO CAN GET LEI'D! Aloha, y'all.


Chris said...

Yay Yay we got lei'd! LOL.. I dont have my pics up yet as I still cannot locate my damn camera.. damn teenagers!! Umm.. in response to your question about the gift, does it have to be a Christmas gift or can it be a gift from ANY type of event?

Junebugg said...

The contest starts on the 1st and it can be any kinda gift. It has to be from some else though, no something you gave yourself!!