Thursday, February 23, 2006


MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Wednesday, the 14th meeting day: The State Senate Joined the House in holding a moment of silence in memory of Moulton Fire Chief Lloyd McCullough and firefighter Justin Jones, who were killed while fighting a fire.

From the Florence Times Daily:
Lloyd McCulloch holds his great-granddaughter Taylor Woods. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE VINSON FAMILY

Lloyd McCulloch, 64, and Dustin Jones, 23, both of Moulton, were killed late Tuesday night when the front wall of a warehouse collapsed on top of them during a fire at Outdoor Parts and Service

MOULTON -- BB Jones sits quietly in his living room chair.
Above his head is a photo of his grandson, Dustin Jones (in picture), when he graduated from high school ROTC. Dusty Jones lived with his mother Denise Moats and a younger brother Christopher Moats. He also has an older sister, Amanda Pahman, who lives in Montgomery.
"It's not easy to give him up,'' BB Jones said. "But if you've got to die young, I guess it's better to die doing what you want, and Dusty did."
"He was helping others, that's what he did, what he loved doing.''

Firefighters douse hot spots Wednesday, a day after a fire ripped through the Outdoor Parts and Service on Morgan Street in Moulton. Two firefighters, Lloyd McCulloch and Dustin Jones, died late Tuesday night when a wall collapsed on them during the blaze. MATT McKEAN/TimesDaily

Decatur DAILY Photos by Gary Cosby Jr.
Grief rules in the aftermath of a Moulton fire that killed two firefighters when a wall collapsed on them Wednesday.

This photo and article are from the Moulton Advertiser.

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Wow, quite a blaze. I admire such heroes! Thanks for the blogroll, by the way. I don't know where you came from, but I sure needed that today. (In my BEST Arnold S. voice): I'll be back!

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