Monday, February 06, 2006


OK, I didn't get called into a meeting tonight (see previous post). I was told that "the powers that be" were in meetings all day, so they didn't have time to to hold a meeting to decide if I should be called into a meeting. That's the way it is here. First, a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of having a meeting. Then a meeting to plan the agenda of the intended meeting, the actual meeting, and then a meeting to discuss merits of the previous meeting. Ah, corporate life.

Now for a few goodies to keep you, my fellow bloggers and bloggettes, entertained. First we have an actual live jail cam (I believe it's the only one in the world that runs 24-7) located in the Anderson County, Tennessee Sheriff's Department booking area. I couldn't make the link for the cam itself work, so go the the right sidebar link above and click on it there. The site has a disclaimer reminding you that it's a live broadcast, and you might see anything. I watched them bring in some guy in handcuffs the other day but so far haven't saw anything that I can't see on TV, DARN IT. Even when nothing's happening, the thing's addictive. And I never realized how much paperwork the police have to do. Hope they use the kind we make here!!

And now, keep repeating to yourself "Thank God that's not my kid" as you check out these photos.

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