Saturday, February 11, 2006


UPDATE: It took me twice as long as usual to get home. In the few hours since my last post, it has snowed like hell. The roads are already slick, I dread the drive to work in the morning. Cars were already in the ditch and everywhere people were sliding sideways and driving 20 MPH.

I took pictures, even though it has already gotten dark. The specks in the pictures are falling snow. You can see the snow on my Triumph 'vert and truck. That's Blackie (half lab, half bulldog) playing next to the truck, she's never seen snow before, we don't get it very often here in 'Bama.

I'm going to eat snow cream now. Ya'll stay warm.


It might not stick, but we're getting our first real snow of the winter. I can see big fat flakes falling onto the pipebridge outside the control room window. Sure is pretty, but damn I hope the roads are OK in the morning. Alabama's not known for talking care of icy/snowy roads. Not enough practice, I guess.

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