Friday, February 03, 2006


I know I haven't posted lately, but I haven't really had anything worthy of writing about other than it's been short sleeve-weather around here and now the Weather Man is calling for snow flurries DARN IT. I got this meme over at Bitichitude's, but don't expect my answers to be as interesting as hers!


~3 names I don't answer to: Bitch, Slut, or any other derogatory, misogynistic term
~3 parts of your heritage: German (Mom's maiden name was Curnutt), Black Dutch, Irish
~3 things that scare me: Mother Nature when she's really pissed, the idea of getting old and not having enough money to live on and/or being dependentt on someone else, the state of our government, hell the state of the governments of the rest of the world too!
~3 of your everyday essentials: Diet Dew, a book of some kind (any kind), music
~3 things you are wearing right now: I'm at work, so no sexy stuff! New Balance walking shoes, pink and green camouflage panties, a pink and green floral cami underneath an unbuttoned denim shirt (at least I match, kinda)
~3 of your favorite songs: Anything except bluegrass and that old time country music that makes hound dogs howl!. I love bluegrass in person but not just to listen to. I'm not fond of rap, but anything rock, blues or that's just got a good beat and I'm there.
~3 things about the opposite sex that appeal to you: A happy person with a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humor, someone with confidence but not so cocky that he's an asshole, Not abusive in any way, verbal, mental or physical. Been there done that, ain't going there again.
~3 things you want in a relationship: Respect, intelligent conversation and hot monkey sex
~3 of your favorite hobbies: Cooking (I'm actually fairly good at it), reading, making my own adventures
~3 Places you want to go: Australia, Beliz, The Amazon
~3 things you want to do before you die: Travel around the world, write a book (doesn't have to be a best seller although that would be nice), retire with enough money and good enough health to enjoy my so-called golden years
~3 ways that you are unstereotypically a female/male: I've worked in mostly unstereotypical jobs (welder, house-painter, pipe fitter, power plant worker, etc), I'm happier single than I ever was married (most of the women I know WANT to be married and have hubby to fall back on), I don't do ruffles or all the fussy household and/or clothing stuff. I like simple, elegant, classic designs with little clutter or fuss.
Two truths and one lie (in any order): Let's see now. Hummm....
1. Turning 50 didn't bother me
2. I've been married 4 times, widowed twice and divorced twice and did it all by the time I reached the of ripe old age of 31
3. I'll probably get married again some day
~3 (ok 4) people you would like to take this survey: This meme is now on the honour system. Do it if you dare

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