Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I spent most of last night in the emergency room with Karen. It turns out that she's got pleurisy. They gave her Tylenol 4 and Keflex (she's allergic to most everything else). I did a lot of people watching while there but didn't see anyone worth blogging about.

Welcome to Casa Junebugg. It's been raining for days, but the sun has finally come out and the temperature is up in the 60s so I got out with the camera.

I've got a whole 2 acres here on my private little Ponderosa in North Alabama. That's a pond on the right, but the rest of it is standing water. I told y'all that I lived in a bunch of trees!

The teal 4X4, the silver OZ Rally Racer in the carport, and the Triumph Spitfire in the back are mine. The black S10 is my son's.

Here's a view of my deck (complete with several grills and an outdoor fireplace) on the other side of the house. There's usually a hammock hanging between the trees, but it's put up for the winter. This is where we spend our summers cooking and hanging out. Man, I can't wait until summer finally gets here. Notice the fallen limbs on the roof?

The view from the road. It ain't much, but it's all mine and it's paid for.


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