Wednesday, February 22, 2006


My family got lucky last night. On the way home from work I saw a massive mushroom cloud of dense black smoke towering over the city of Moulton and the first thing I thought of were my two nephews who are volunteer fire fighters.

Later I learned that 2 of Moulton's finest, Moulton Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Lloyd McCulloch and Justin Jones, were killed in the blaze. My heart goes out to these fine men's families.

It takes a special breed of man to lay his life on the line for others. Our military personnel, the police force and our fire fighters all live and die so we can have a decent and safe life.

Here's some of the pictures of last night's blaze from the local media. I keep thinking, "It could have been Duane (Donna's son) or Chris (sister Teresa's son-in-law)" and I say a little prayer of thanks that it wasn't. We did, indeed, get lucky.

This is the second big fire in our area in the last week. Parkway Variety burned to the ground on Feb. 16, setting off a fireworks display that beat fire fighters back and was visible for miles around. Lets hope we don't have a firebug like the ones who are on a church burning spree in South Alabama.

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