Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today's been a slow, lazy day with rain and dreary skys, so I've spent the entire day doing laundry (WTF is it with laundry, it seems to fornicate and multiply every time I turn my back!) and watching VH1 One Hit Wonders.

I'm amazed at some of the fashion mistakes that we used to think was so hot! Asymmetrical haircuts, Banana clips for the hair, Big Earrings, Black leather jewelry with metal spikes, Colored mascara, Colored/Designed shoelaces, Crimped hair, Doubling socks with different colors, Fingerless gloves, Press-On Nails, Leg-warmers, Multi-colored hair, Plastic spring bracelets and necklaces in different colors, Ponytails on the side of your head, Ribbons as Belts, Roach Clips with feathers and beads (and the doobies that go with them), Rubber bracelets (as many as possible on one wrist), See-thru purses, Swatch Watches (several at a time), Teased hair, Big Hair, Mullets, Mohawks. Dang, I'm glad I outgrown most of these!

I did bake a honey ham and carry some to Karen, who's laid up with Pulmonary edema. The doctor's waiting for her EKG to come back before starting any kind of treatment and she's in a lot of pain. Damn it, she's my age and that's scary. Old age sucks and I DON'T FEEL THAT OLD. Lets hope she's just got an infection, she's small, skinny, doesn't smoke or do any of the other things that would cause heart problems.

The ham has been sliced, the bone and ham scraps tossed into the crockpot with a batch of pintos, and I'm set for food for the next few days.

What ch'a doing in your part of the world?

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