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There I was, happily following links from DB to Becky to Miss Bliss , spreading birthday wishes and semi-good cheer, when out of the blue I was shocked when I stumbled across this article from

The battle to ban birth control

Using bogus health facts to scare women about the "dangers" of contraception, a fledgling movement fights for a culture in which sex = procreation.
By Priya Jain

....Mary Worthington ....To spread her anti-birth-control gospel, this month she launched No Room for Contraception, a clearinghouse for arguments and personal testimonials on this subject. NRFC joins other anti-contraception Web sites like Quiverfull and One More Soul.

....She is also vehemently opposed to abortion. But NRFC doesn't even address abortion; its sole purpose is to "prove" that the pill and the IUD cause health problems and destroy women's fertility, that condoms lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by making people believe that sex can be completely safe, that contraception destroys marriages by rendering sex an act of pleasure rather than one of procreation". Emboldened by the fact that the president and the two most recent Supreme Court nominees are anti-choice, a recent antiabortion victory in South Dakota, and legislative success restricting access to emergency contraception, groups like NRFC are shifting their focus and resources away from abortion and putting their energy into restricting birth control.

Still, the anti-birth-control movement's efforts are making a significant political impact: Supporters have pressured insurance companies to refuse coverage of contraception, lobbied for "conscience clause" laws to protect pharmacists from having to dispense birth control, and are redefining the very meaning of pregnancy to classify certain contraceptive methods as abortion (link to full length 5 page article, hope it works)

This is some scary stuff! Talk about Americans losing their rights. Go, read, leave comments. There are links to blog articles and letters and comments about this movement.

I'm shocked at how many people are in support of this atrocity of a movement. What happened to the bond between a man and a woman? When did married love become evil? Are we headed back to the Puritan days when it was a sin to laugh or be happy or to hold hands? Will we be seeing stocks in the public square waiting for some sinner to be put on public display?

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