Thursday, April 13, 2006


I 'm working the midnight shift (6 P.M. to 6 A.M.) so I sleep all day. When I woke up this afternoon and stumbled out of the shower (which explains the wet-head and fresh scrubbed face look), I found that the postman had delivered this Booblicious T-Shirt from Chicken aka NonGirlfriend who resides all the way over in the great state of Texas.

No, I do not sleep in the shower!! I just don't function well until I stand under the shower for a while, which means that I crawl out from the bed and blindly make my way to the tub where I try to get at least half my brain synapses before I attempt anything complicated like operating the Mr. Coffee.

For those of you who are near sighted but still interested, what's printed across the front of the shirt is:

Thank you Chicken! The rest of y'all can eat your hearts out, this shirt is mine all mine.

Big Boobs run in my family. All 5 of us girls were cursed that way, and yes it is a curse. My sister Donna did a hilarious post a while back about it in To Boob or Not to Boob. I quote:
"the Tittie Fairy, that fictional nymph of some otherworldly beginnings who flitters around with one broken wing, a bent halo and a crooked wand, bestowing burgeoning mammary glands to innocent female children in the dead of night while they dream of ways to get even with mean little boys"

Y'all ought'a go over and read the whole thing, I promise that Donna's writing make you laugh out loud!! And it'll make all you small breasted women think twice about getting a boob job.

Chicken, once again,Thank You.

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