Saturday, April 08, 2006


Last night's storm front kinda put a damper on our day, but the crowds were still out in force. The temps were down in the 50s and mud puddles abounded, to the delight of all the kids who splashed and stomped up a storm (pun intended). They had to cancel the hot air balloon, the wind was still whipping pretty good, but there was still plenty to do.

Here you see a little boy bowling with a frozen chicken. He got a spare and a prize. We might see him on TV bowling for dollars one day.

These lovely ladies are doing the Chicken Dance (and no, I didn't do any dancing. I've got 2 left feet and no rhythm at all!)

This is Nugget, the festival mascot.

Here are some banners from some of the Bar-B-Que cook-off contestants. Don't you just love their names!

I might have to steal this one!

There were bikers everywhere, they rode in on the Chicken Run Bike Ride.

This club is Bikers Against Child Abuse

I told you the wind was up. Here's a pic of a Wild Haired Junebugg

Of course, you can't have a RedNeck Event without NasCars

I don't think I'm going to hang around to see Dr. Hook, it's too darn cold! I've got a warm man to cuddle with, and he can do a lot more for me than the Dr. can!

And finally, a pic of the T-shirts that I scored!

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anonymous jones said...

Hi Junebugg! A Chicken and Egg Festival, that is so cute - it's kind of Smallville isn't it!

Thanks so much for all the effort you put in to my mysterious side bar! All I can think of is if your blog is not a blogger blog then maybe it looks different to you? I dunno. I will leave it for now, but I will definitely look into the blogrolling thing that you told me about - and, of course, put you on it!(When I've worked it out ..)