Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Why is it that every time Alabama hits the national news, it makes us look bad?

As you probably know, President Bush is the target of a new "Google bomb" where he's labeled an "Asshole" in a vulgar filmstrip that pops up when the word Asshole is entered into the popular search engine, but have y'all heard about Steve White of West Limestone High School in Lester, Alabama (who also happens to be running for the District 4 seat in the Alabama House of Representatives & is a Democrat from Athens) showing his 8th grade class the slide show about Bush. (Links to news articles)

Here's the slide show in question. Watch it and see what you think. The filmstrip opens with black and white clips of war and what appears to be the Great Depression. Then it shows color photos of President George Bush and his cabinet with profane captions under his picture while the song "Asshole" by the Boston-area band Big Jim's Ego plays in the background.

I agree that a teacher has no business showing this to students and should be disciplined. School is the wrong forum for politics and the 8th grade is a little too young to be indoctrinated. I'd bet a months pay that it didn't show anything that they haven't already seen or done, but that's beside the point. White was just plain wrong and that's a fact.

Why the heck couldn't that dang teacher been a Yankee? Those trailor trash fools making idiots of themselves for 5 minutes of fame on Jerry Springer make Southerners look bad enough!

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