Monday, April 17, 2006


I guess you can tell that Drennon loved his Easter Basket Bucket. A Scooby Doo bucket and 5 remote control cars plus tons of chocolate will find it's way to any little boy's heart. Hey, I'm not above bribery! A Nana's gotta do what a Nana's gotta do.

Speaking of bribery, I promised Sweet Thang that if he put my new grill together, I'd cook a big Easter dinner for him. Who said real men don't read instructions!
See what a hard worker he is when food is involved! Grilled smoked sausage, chicken, and pork chops plus rosemary potatoes, salad and bread grilled outside. YUM! Everyone was stuffed, and it takes a fair amount of food to fill up a man this size!

I hope y'all had a Happy Easter, cause I know we did.

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