Wednesday, April 05, 2006


For the love of whatever or whoever it is that you love, go to Miss Jay's and help poor Jason out. His balls have gone into hiding and need moral support to come out to play. Miss Jay misses them terribly and has asked for your help.

I just did a quick turn around. For you folks who've been lucky enough to have never worked shift work, this means that I got off work at 6 A.M. yesterday and had to be back at 6 A.M. this morning. Needless to say, I'm not at peak performance level

All is not lost, though. I took this coming Saturday and Sunday off to go to our first festival of the year, Moulton's 2nd Annual Chicken & Egg Festival.

This year the headline star is Alabama native Dr. Hook aka Ray Sawyer.
For those of you too young to remember, Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show were once described by Rolling Stone as the "clown princes of Seventies Pop."(I graduated high school in 1974, this is my generation of music)

Known as much for their crazy onstage behavior as for a solid string of 1970s chart-toppers, among their zany antics the band once dressed up as glitter rockers and played the opening act to their own headlining show totally unbeknownst to the audience.

Co-fronted by founding member Ray Sawyer (dubbed "Dr. Hook" for his trademark eye-patch), the band spent more than ten years on the music charts, earning thirty-five gold and platinum records for country-rock hits that included "Cover of the Rolling Stone," "Sylvia's Mother," "Once Sixteen" and "Sharing the Night Together."

As you can see he's aged just a tad in the past few years, but none of us escapes Father Time. Of course, Ray never was what you would call a "hunk" but the man sure can sing.

We'll also be listening to award-winning blues artist Willie King plus there's a Battle of the bands featuring:

Blackeyed Blonde - Classic Rock
Victim - classic/Modern/Southern Blues
Boochie Shepherd - Soft Alternative Rock
Render - Alternative/Metal/Blues Mix
6th Hour - Contemporary Christian Rock
The Cycle - Punk/Alternative
The Great Unwashed - Progressive Rock .

The Weather Channel is calling for a chance of rain this weekend, but I hope they're wrong. I heard that someone will be giving hot air balloon rides and that's something I've never tried. I may have to get me a bird's eye view of the goings on. It never pays to pass up an opportunity and I've always been a little bit of an Adrenaline Junkie.

I'm going to start applying self-tanner tonight so I'll look as decent as a 50 year old woman can in shorts. Y'all come on out and spend the day with us, I'll even buy you a plate of hot wings.

FYI: Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Ray Sawyer got his first job as a professional musician at 14, playing drums with a local band. His own style was indelibly marked by the amalgam of black and white Southern music that kept Alabama dance halls hopping. "When you play Mobile, you play either country or Rhythm and Blues, though down there they are just about the same thing," Sawyer explains.
He got his trademark eye patch following a 1967 automobile accident that left him without his right eye and kept him in a wheel chair for a year. When he was back on his feet, Sawyer hit out for Los Angeles, working his way back east where the core of Dr Hook was formed in time to record Shel Silversteins score to the Dustin Hoffman film "Who is Harry Kellerman and Why is he saying these terrible things about me?"

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anonymous jones said...

Hi Junebugg! I think you must be the Yoda of Blogging!

I'm a bit confused though, my sidebar looks normal (which I guess means on the SIDE) on my site, and Ruth said in her comment that it looked OK on hers, too. Any ideas?

Jay said...

I've never worked shift, but Jason did for a while and I tried to stay on his schedule - impossible! I don't know how you do it. You have to have a strong constitution and amazing will power. I have none.

You sure do have a knack for finding cool things to do.

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