Thursday, May 25, 2006


I spent all day yesterday pulling grass from the flower beds and went last night to buy bedding plants. I hit the sales rack and got some real deals (if they live). Call it my "Plant Rescue Mission". Poor root-bound things, they were wilted and sad looking but I have high hopes. Surely with a little room to grow and some TLC they'll perk up and make me proud. I've separated them and set them out, but ya'll don't get any pictures until they take off and fill in the bare spots.
Rose This rose came back against all odds. I was so proud to see it make a return this year, I usually don't do well with roses. Usually, between the dogs, the boys and me they do good to last the year that their planted.

Ain't it pretty?

Candy LilyThis is an old timey flower, I think they call them "heritage plants" now. The bulbs originally came to my Mom from my Grandmother Waters and I got a start from Mom. I don't know the proper name for it, we just always called it a candy lily. It lives through anything, the flower stalks get about 4 foot high with foliage about knee high. I've to two clumps as big as a bushel basket in the middle of the yard. In the fall, after they die down I just mow over them.
The boys washed my car for me today (it was nasty!), but somehow it turned into a water-battle (the perfect day for it, hot and muggy).

First Drennon sprayed himself. I do believe that the water was just a little colder on the pubescent gonads than he thought it would be!

Then he sprayed his Dad.

Lastly, he tried to spray me, but this Nana is too fast for that!

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anonymous jones said...

Everyone's gardening! I think that flower is possibly a lilium. Rosetti painted them a lot, and that's how I know. Symbolic of purity!