Saturday, May 06, 2006


Mount St. Helens is in the news again. Along with spitting and spewing, America's favorite volcano is now growing a rock "fin".

They say the "fin" is growing 4' to 5 ' a day and apt to break and fall sometime soon. It's the first time one of these "fins" can be seen on the Mount St. Helens volcano Cam.

All this makes me glad I live where we don't have to worry about lava and ash and giant rocks falling on our heads. I can handle snakes and bobcats and such, but volcanoes are out of my league.

Even here in the sunny South there has been a history of volcanoes and earthquakes, that's what created our beautiful mountains, hills and hollers. Alabama earthquakes literally make me shake with fear, we had a minor one several years ago.

Ain't science amazing!

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