Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Still working, still don't have time to do anything but work and sleep. So I'll just feed y'all a little tidbit now and then to keep you coming back until I have time to really do a little thinking and writing. Hell, who am I fooling, I never think. I just sit at the keyboard and channel the random nothingless that is my mind.

Look closely. Study the picture, what do you see?

Look closely-keep looking....... What do you see?






Shame on you! This ain't that kinda blog! Well actually it would be if I had the time and energy.......But back to the picture.

Scientific research showed that children can't recognize erotic scenes. Instead they see 9 dolphins.

On the other hand, an adult's mind is rather "corrupted" so an adult person may have problems spotting 9 dolphins at first eye glaze.

If you have trouble spotting dolphins in the first 6 seconds, then your mind is heavily corrupted, and you are seriously obsessed with sex! ...Better go and practice with easier examples.

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Mary Godwin said...

Very cool! ... didn't see a dolphin for try after try. What does that say ... hmmm? (smiles and a wink) -mg