Monday, May 29, 2006


I slept until 3 PM today (I'm working 6 PM until 6 AM) and stumbled out of bed straight to the shower. I admit it, I am not a morning person (when you're working graveyard shift, 3 PM is morning!). I have to get my head wet and a serious amount of caffeine into me before I function well and woe to whoever happens to cross me before that happens. After I soaped, shampooed, shaved and all those other feminine-type hygiene things that we women do I wandered back toward the kitchen in search of coffee and smokes, and noticed the message light on the phone blinking.

It was my sister Teresa telling me that she had a bar-b-que today, there was tons of food left over and if I wanted a plate to carry to work just drop on by. The woman fixed me up with a medium rare T-bone the size of a hubcap, a 16 oz butter-container full of potato salad, a huge pile of baked beans smothered with bacon and Texas toast.

I've been eating all night and there's still some left! Damn, it's good. All the women in our family are fine cooks, and it's even better when someone else cooks for you. This ain't my picture but it could be if I keep eating like this!!At least it's the way I feel right now, stuffed and satisfied.

Why is it that anything that you truly enjoy ain't good for you? I firmly believe that MOST PHYSICALLY ENJOYABLE THINGS IN LIFE ARE EITHER ILLEGAL, IMMORAL OR FATTENING.

Have a Heart-Sharon HudsonMarbled Nude-Sharon Hudson I recently found these paintings by Sharon Hudson and thought I'd introduce them to you. The one on the on the left is "Have a Heart" and the one on the right is "Marbled Nude".

Go visit her Gallery, I think you'll enjoy her work. Although I have no artistic abilities, I do appreciate the work of others, and like to encourage and support their efforts.

Sleeping Beauty-Sharon Hudson
"Sleeping Beauty" by Sharon Hudson

Now if y'all will excuse me, I've gotta go pretend like I'm working and try to stay awake. I think that steak has gotten into my eyes, the lids keep wanting to close.......


anonymous jones said...

Not a vegetarian, then?

lorena-melinda said...

When you have a bad night when you can sleep is not so fun, and early in the morning the hunger appears so when the steak come it is that BOOOMM! But if you eat them that doesn't mean that you will get fat :) I am also a BBW so I am a little worried about my weight but curvy women like the "Marbled Nude" it is something classic. Curvy women are no more appreciated lately.The point is if you gain a few kg it is not a tragedy.