Friday, May 12, 2006


VIRGIN BLOGGER ALERT! First thing, y'all go over and say "HI" to Anonymous Jones at her very first blog. I promise that once you visit her, you'll have to go back for more. Ms. Jones is a very funny lady from "Down Under" with a wicked sense of humor and a unique way of looking at life.

After several trial & errors (and a few back and forth comments between the 2 of us), she has installed Blogrolling on her site all by herself. Way to go, Jonesy! Not bad for someone who listed her likes as "NOT COMPUTERS" on her profile. I'm sooo proud of her. An aside to some of the rest of you out there. Yeah, y'all know who you are. Don't pretend that it ain't you! Look at me when I'm talking about to you!! Jonesy did it, I know you can play with your template, too. Dang, that sounds kinda dirty. I'm working too much, I need an off day, my mind is in the gutter and I'm too tired to do anything about it.

I'm still on the outage at work, and so far the powers-that-be have promised that I will get some days off a week from today. Hopefully I'll have a full 7 day break to spend this hefty paycheck in.

At least I'm not in as bad shape physically as I thought that I was. True, I could stand to lose a lot of a few pounds. But even after all this climbing of ladders and stairs, swinging through pipe bridges like Jane of Tarzan fame, lugging around wrenches and buckets full of locks, and straining my guts out turning valves that have stems as long as I am tall---I'm not sore. I go home and pass out on the couch but I'm not achey in the mornings at all. Not bad for an old woman if I do say so myself.

One thing I can say about working shut-downs, you meet all kinds of new folks. Guys freak when a female tells them what to do or they see her using power tools and climbing up into pipe bridges wearing a safety-harness.

Some of them even get a little turned on by it! I can't tell you how many guys years younger than me wanted to get friendly. Maybe I need to spend some of this $$$ on a black leather dominatrix outfit? Naw, I'm way too "pleasing plump" to try to shimmy into something that form-fitting. Besides, they probably just wanted a Sugar Mama and I ain't going there. To repeat what I said in an earlier post "Ain't but one thing wrong with being a Sugar Mama, you can never get your money's worth".

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Biff Romoray said...

Oh little lady, you would definitely get her money's worth with the legendary Biff Romoray. Have a sugar mama now but am hoping to upgrade to a younger chic with a harder body- I will take the financial loss to get this.