Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today's been yard work day. What with all the rain and overtime, things had gotten out of hand. I've sprayed roundup, mowed, trimmed, burned both leaves and limbs, and killed a snake (Yes, again! This one was almost 6' long and hiding in the mower shed).

I'm tired and sore but my yard looks better, all 2 acres of it, as long as you don't look at the flower beds. They'll have to wait, I don't feel up to doing battle with nutgrass today.

Here's a prime example of how overgrown things have gotten. My jasmine has gone wild! See how it's surrounded the hanging pot and has a strangle-hold on the porch railing! It's time to either do some drastic pruning or dig the sucker up and relocate it somewhere it can grow to it's heart's content (do plants have hearts? I know that trees do.).

Drennon on 4 wheeler
Drennon (the grandson) helped out by loading fallen limbs in the trailer and carrying them to the burn pile. We had 3 different fires going at once. Smoke was rolling across the yard, it looked like the house was on fire!

I've had my shower and now I'm kicked back wondering what to cook for supper. Nothing left to do now but eat and watch "House".

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anonymous jones said...

Pretty, pretty place! There are no snakes in Ireland, I would kind of like to live there! As for killing one, YOU MUST BE JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got the heebie jeebies, now.

I love House. (He is actually a Pom, used to be a comedian!)