Monday, May 08, 2006

Although Mapquest and Google Maps are what I usually go to, I've been playing with Windows and you can actually see my house! The last link goes to the page I built, showing my little ponderosa. You can make one and send it to friends so they'll have an easier time visiting for the first time. The views are not real time, but hey, it actually shows my house. None of the rest do that!

This is a free service; to have Google zoom in that close I would have to pay a fee. Yep, that little blue dot is marking my house, and I have all the land between the 3 roads and back to the last of the tree line.

You have to choose between road for a regular map or aerial or bird's eye view (right above the toggle button on the left). The bird's eye view only works on major cities but you can actually tell the buildings apart and see people walking. I'm still learning about this new toy, but so far it's got my vote. Here are some more links:

* View of the Space Needle
* PCMAG.COM rated as "very good".
* Blog

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