Sunday, October 08, 2006


First and foremost .................. I just want to state for the record that:
I give y'all a prime opening like "polishing his Fat Boy"
and didn't get not one single solitary nasty, snide, pun-laden comment about it! Here I thought that I had gathered a fine upstanding readership, each one equipped with a twisted, warped, raunchy, slightly-off-center sense of humor to match my own and yet y'all let an opportunity like that go by ........................ I just don't know what to say. Maybe it was the thought of frost bitten nipples that threw you off?

Anywho, the ride was wonderful. All body parts survived except for a few assorted aches & pains and Sweet Thang's face is so sunburned that it looks like he's about medium rare (of course it's my fault, I forgot to remind him that you need sunscreen even if you feel like icecicles are hanging off your mustache). When we left the house at 7 AM it was bitterly cold on the back of that bike, but by the time we left Huntsville at 9 AM the temps has hit the 50s and it was fairly comfortable, me being decked out in black leather and wearing longjohns. Yep, I was practically gift wrapped but I WAS WARM!

I carried one of those disposable cameras, so Y'all gotta wait for me to get the film developed before you see any pictures. The group we rode with from Huntsville numbered 250 some odd bikes. We were riding toward the front of the pack and when you looked in the review mirror you could see bike headlights stretching for miles down the mountain. It was beautiful, I would have loved to have gotten pictures but it's hard to do from the back of a moving Harley.

The meet was at the Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Al. The Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum was awesome and damn it's big, with 5 stories of vintage race cars and motorcycles from all over the world. I highly recommend that you visit if you ever get the chance. I promise that you'll walk around going "OOOOO" and "AAAAHHHH"; but I warn ya, you'll have to drag any male partner out when you're done.

We even had the chance to ride several laps around the twisty-turny racetrack where the curves are slanted at breath-taking angles. It was a blast and I only had to thump Sweet Thang upside the helmet once (well, maybe twice) for trying to fly-like-a-bat out of hell around those hairpin curves with me hanging on behind him. I do believe it was the threat of making him sleep alone (aka send his ass back to his house) if we survived that slowed him down, I know his skull is too thick for my banging on his helmet to make a difference! All he kept saying was "I was only doing 75 MPH!" but I swear you would met yourself, those turns were so sharp!

The curve's too sharp and you're going too fast when the damn foot pegs are scraping sparks off the pavement!

There was a local Muscle Shoals rock band, Blackground (can't find their website), who made the trip down and entertained everyone with live jams from the back of a flat-bed trailer, and of course you always have your vendors selling everything from T-shirts to leather du-rags.

Bikers came from all over the state, plus I saw groups from Tennessee and Georgia, too. It was just one big party with thousands of bikers all getting along for a good cause, I didn't see not one fuss or scuffle. What surprised me the most was the fact that 80% of the people there were gray haired! LOTS of them were in their 60s, 70s, and even a few in their 80s! I guess this what they mean about the "Golden Years", no one told me that they were spent on the back of a Gold Wing!

We all had a blast and then everyone wandered back home whenever they felt like it. I'll post more when I get the pics to go with it. I always do better when I have visual aids.

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