Friday, October 06, 2006


This article in The New York Times scared me into getting off the couch and on my feet. In particular this quote made my heart go pitty-pat and not in a good way:
The researchers published their data in the May 3 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, finding that being unable to walk a quarter mile within five minutes portended troubles. For each minute beyond five, the risk of dying in the next four years increased by a third, the risk of having a heart attack
increased by 20 percent, and the risk of having a disability increased by half. Those who took more than six minutes for the quarter-mile walk had the same risk of dying or having a heart attack as those who could not walk the distance at all, and the effect was independent of age.

What's really scary is the fact that my Mom was bed-ridden by the time she was in her mid-60s and dead before she reached 70. Damn, I'm pushing 51 hard and heavy! Most of that shit is hereditary and as much as I love my family our genetics don't bode well for longevity. My maternal grandfather died of a massive heart attack in his early thirties as did several cousins, and the rest of our kin usually kick the bucket anywhere from 50 to 75!!

I do believe it's time to break out my walking shoes and go visit Mother Nature. I can walk and look at the changing colors, the weather is much nicer to get outdoors without breaking a sweat; plus it'll help get my tired old heart and my wobbly ass in better shape.

Who's up for a hike and a picnic?

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Early-30s? Don't tell me that!