Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm struggling for something to write about, nothing much going on around my little portion of Moulton.

The sisters and I spent Sunday going through our parents personal effects, trying to divide things up where no one feels left out or slighted (not easy with 5 women). I'm glad to say that things went well and there was no mayhem, ugly words or bloodshed. I brought home tons of old pictures but my scanner died so I can't share any of them right now (gotta buy a new one some day). I went and applied for a loan to buy out one of the sisters' share of the family's 80 acres. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with almost 40 acres but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Karen and I spent today shopping in Florence and I got the Oriental inspired tunic at the left. Classy looking, isn't it. I figure it'll be good for a dressy event that I don't want to actually wear a skirt to and I love the Asian look. The satin is really sensuous next to my skin,plus it's really forgiving of the extra padding I seem to have picked up in the last few years (damn gravity and Father Time!) The older I get the harder it is to try to stay in shape, but HEY round is a shape! I just wish it was red and black instead, red is soooo my color!

I've spent almost every night watching horror movies, one of the best things about this time of year. The Lost Boys, all the Halloween movies, Skeleton Key, Cursed, and tons more. Tonight I've been sitting in front of the TV giving myself a pedicure, my toe nails are now Vampire Red (red/black, the color of dried blood) . I'm trying to get myself in the Halloween mood and I figured I'd try the extreme color on my toes before I got brave enough to vamp out my finger nails where every one and their brother can see this fat-ass old woman trying to act vampy.

Nite y'all, it's getting late and I've got a comfortable bed and a good book calling my name.

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