Monday, October 16, 2006


I've got nothing to blog about that doesn't involve others, and I'm not even going there. So I'm doing a very first ever Monday list.

1. Tonight starts ABC's 13 NIGHTS OF HORROR, a regular Halloween tradition. Movies range from The Sixth Sense to Scooby Doo-Monsters Unleashed, definitely something for everyone. Plus there are some kid-friendly downloads and such if you're interested.

2. Speaking of Halloween, here are some more freebies, like stationary, screen savers and sound effects.

3. Windows Live' OneCare has come up with a way to remotely help out a friend infected with those darn 'puter cooties (Sorry JackieSue, you both gotta have Windows Live messenger for it to work)
Are you the one your friends and family call when they need help with their PC? Hang up the phone. With our scanner and Windows Live Messenger, remotely diagnosing and fixing everything from viruses to hard-disk fragmentation just got a whole lot easier and faster.

4. StarPulse is the place to go to see movie trailers for movies past and present plus music videos. They're arranged alphabetically and even manage to slide by our work-place censors!

Well, I'm at work and there are buzzers going off and alarm lights flashing plus folks yelling on the radio and every phone in the room is ringing off the hook. Guess I better go and pretend that I know what I'm doing.............................

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