Monday, October 30, 2006



I'd never heard of Devils Night until recently. For those of you who didn't know either, Devils Night is always October 30, the day before Halloween and has always involved acts of criminal behavior. I've TPed a yard or two in my time, even tossed a couple of eggs (now's there's a fine of $50 per egg if you get caught). However, not to hurt anyone's feelings or anything but some of those folks up North have taken Devils Night to a whole 'nother level and resorted to outright arson.

After reading the definition and how it started I can see why it never caught on here in the South. Our motto is "Good Food, Good Friends & Good Times". We're mostly laid back and want nothing more than to have fun, maybe indulge in a few bad habits & if you're really lucky, be involved in a little hanky-panky.

The hell with burning down houses, we Southerners just wanta have a good time and get laid.

I did lots of Google searches and found nothing I wanted to post about Devils Night but I did find a poem here:


Don't go out on Devil's Night.
Stay in your bed and keep on the light.
Little demons and ghouls have their fun all right,
outside on the streets this Devil's Night.

You don't want to know what mischief they cause.
On Halloween Eve they run without pause,
flying and laughing, and breaking the laws,
you really don't want to see the mischief they've caused.

Please heed my words, stay under the covers,
and tell your friends and your sisters, and of course your brothers.
Stay in bed, don't even peek through the shutters,
'cause a goblin or ghost may spook you to stutters.

Just wait until daybreak on Halloween Day,
when you know all the ghouls and ghosts are away.
They hate the daylight, "it's no fun," they say.
So just please, please wait to Trick or Treat on Halloween Day.

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