Wednesday, October 04, 2006


When I got home from work yesterday, I got me a little stray pussy. What was that you said? NO! Get your minds out of the gutter, I don't swing that way!! Not that I couldn't if I wanted to, me being the vibrant sexy mature woman that I am, but I prefer the male of the species; this stray doesn't happen to swim in my part of the gene pool.

When I got out of the car, my posse of puppies had an itty bitty kitty hemmed up in the corner of the carport. I can't believe she was brave (or foolish) enough to wander up in a yard full of yammering slobbering k-nines! Naturally I had to wade through the squirming barking pack of pooches, rescue the errant feline, and bring her in the house. She's skinny as hell and hobbling around 3 legged, but nothing seems to be broken. I figure that the hounds gnawed on her back leg a bit before I got home. The leg just seems to be a little tender; it sure hasn't stopped her from jumping up on the furniture.

The kitten appears to have a lot if Siamese in her, she's got the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen, that foxy-shaped face the breed is known for, and her fur is Siamese gray except she's got rings around her tail and lacks the black markings on her legs.

Rufus is pissed at the invasion, this is his house and he doesn’t plan to share with anyone; man, dog or kitten. He stalks around all offended and huffy with every hair on his body standing straight up. Every time the kitten tries to make friends he hisses and growls like a bull dog (I never heard that sound out of him before!) but so far there's been no bloodshed or mayhem. Personally, I think his bark meow is worse than his bite. Rufus is sticking to high ground and leering down at the kitten like a vulture waiting for dinner to die. He's gonna have to come down one day and I figure that's when the battle of the puty-tats will be on.

We have one major problem with this lovable foundling. She's a bit, er, odoriferous, pungent, miasmic; you know gassy. Hell, the cat farts every 5 minutes. This tiny bit of fluff gives off a nauseous stink that is curdling the paint on the walls and will burn the hair out of your nose. It's hard to believe that such a small body can emit such a awful stench! I don't know if it's something she ate while scavenging around on her own or what, but I hope it's not a permanent thing because I'm not sure I can stand the smell. Of course her pooty propensity explains 2 things, why we've named her "Stinky" and the title of this post.

On a lighter note, Sweet Thang showed up at the door with roses, JUST BECAUSE. Damn, I must be doing something right!

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