Saturday, October 14, 2006


I've been wrestling with this dang 'puter for TWO WHOLE DAYS! But after a small stomping-my-feet session, a little hair pulling, making some ugly faces and a whole lot of cuss words, Junebugg came out on top. I ain't a-scared of no piece of plastic and wires and whatever else is in this blasted hunk of electronics.

The demon machine "lost" the CD-ROM drive. Well, it wasn't lost, the drive showed fine in my device manager except for an error code 39, but every time I went to burn or read a disc the thing went nuts and swore to me that the CD-ROM was missing {my 'puter must be male, they're usually the ones who lie to me}.

Thankfully, I found an automatic gizmo on that whipped that puppy right into shape! Something about upper and lower filters or some such techie-shit. I swear they made this stuff hard for normal people to understand on purpose.

My Dell Jukebox went ape-shit, too. Every time I went to listen to a few jams, the thing would freeze up and I'd be ready to take a ball bat to the monitor before it would close. Hey, I'm a Scorpio, I don't give up that easily! I got the Jukebox fixed by doing an uninstall/reinstall several times and deleting a folder or two. Thank the Goddess for online help and forums.

Damn, I'm getting good at all this do-it-yourself 'puter stuff {puffs out more-than-ample chest and pats self on back, which is hard to do too!}

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! I hate to tell you how many nights I went to bed at 5 am simply because I refuse to be defeated by a computer. Another great reason to have two. If one goes out you can go online with the other and download fixes.