Friday, October 06, 2006


It's in the mid 40s outside but Sweet Thang's out there polishing his Fat Boy for the March of Dimes Bikers for Babies ride in the morning.

We leave Huntsville at 9 AM and ride to Leeds, a little over 200 miles away. It's going to be a chilly trip, low 40s when we start out and the high is only gonna be in low 70s. The breeze on a bike will make the wind chill drop WAY DOWN!

I'm bundling up and hoping Sweet Thang's wide back will knock off most of the wind. There'll be hundreds of bikers meeting at Leeds and lots of activities when we get there. Fun for all and it's for a good cause, too.

I probably won't be back in time to post tomorrow, so y'all keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well and I don't get frost bite! I'll give you the details when I can.

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