Friday, October 20, 2006


At last, I'm posting the long awaited 2006 March of Dimes Bikers for Babies pictures. Sorry it took so long, I have no good excuse and I'm too lazy to make one up. As usual, if you wanta see a bigger version just click on the picture.

I took tons of pictures in the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum but I'm only going to post a few. Vicki Waters If you're interested, the site has a wonderful slide show that I highly recommend.

No snide comments about me and Sweet Thang's du-rags, after several hours wearing a helmet, your hair is smooshed flat and needs covered up so you don't scare small children!
Mike Parker
Mike Parker
Vicki Waters
WheelsThis sculpture is out front of the museum. Isn't it wonderful! And the men are naked (the pic on the website shows full-frontal!)

Blackland Band-Bikers for Babies-2006Muscle Shoals, Alabama has enjoyed a long and successful music tradition and BLACKLAND is another band that is putting Fame studio on the map. They kicked butt in Leeds with Rock & Roll featuring bold guitar playing and blues driven vocals.

Mike Parker-Bikers for Babies 2006I'm not sure what that smirk means, I kinda caught him unaware. I forgot to make him put sunscreen on his face and you see a little pink, but the next day he was bright red and a day after that he was peeling. Hey, he's a grown man and it wasn't my pay to take care of him! I put my sunscreen on!!
Vicki Waters-Bikers for Babies 2006All those female riders made me lust after a bike of my own, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. As much as I love to ride I hate to spend that much on something that I can't use all year round. I'll just continue to ride behind Sweet Thang and save my $$$ for fancy vacations and exotic shoes.

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anonymous jones said...

Now isn't that just the heart-felt wish of every male: to be naked, wear a cape, and have your own wheels?!