Monday, March 06, 2006


After I saw a silver headed penis lurking in DB's new coffee maker, I decided to do a web search for phallic symbols. Surely I'm not the only one with an active imagination (or a dirty mind, take your pick). I didn't include any of the actual graphic images of peni (plural for pensis, I looked it up) , dicks, cocks, aka male genitalia, that would have been too easy and y'all know what one looks like, anyway.

(On a semi-related note, Big Dick has a hysterical list of euphemisms for self gratification).

First I ran across CULTURAL STUDIES/SEXUAL ANXIETY:THE CONFESSIONS OF A MEDIEVAL(IST) by Jaxqueline Murray. Although a bit dry, it's well worth reading. I particularly like the line "I spend my time trying to peek into the sex lives of a society approximately 800 years in the past......I have been exposing and gazing upon the genitals of medieval men". You gotta love an academic who thinks and writes like that. The lady has some valid points if you read the entire paper.

Then of course you had Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, who deemed all kind of things as sexual symbols. Neckties, trains, snakes, cigars, sticks, umbrellas, posts, trees, all representive of the male organ. The man needed a doctor himself with such quotes as "objects which share with the thing they represent the characteristic of penetrating into the body and injuring - thus, sharp weapons of every kind, knives, daggers, spears, sabres, but also fire-arms, rifles, pistols and revolvers (particularly suitable owing to their shape)", from his work "Introductory Lectures of Psycho-Analysis" (1916-1917),

Next I did a Google Image Search for phallic symbols. Just a few that I found, excluding the obvious ones (I had lots more, but Blogger is acting up and they keep disappearing!!! ).

Yep, looks phallic to me

Mother Nature gettin' in on the act.

Of course, the media has been using sexual innuendo for ages. Fun with phalluses- as the images below depict, phallic imagery is a favorite of advertising firms for representing sex, masculinity, power, and the "ideal man".

Now that I have you all hot and bothered, I'm going to leave you with a spicy little poem.

Jane Hirshfield's "Of Gravity and Angels"
And suddenly, again,
I want the long road of your thigh,
under my hand, your well-travelled thigh,
your salt-licked & come-slicked thigh,
and I want the taste of you, slaking,
under my tongue (that place of riding desire,
my tongue) and I want
all the unnameable, soft, and yielding places,
bell & neck & the place wings would rise from
if we were angels,
and we are, and I want the rising regions of you
shoulder & cock & tongue & breathing &
suddenness of you

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